Our Story


As a musician, I had the amazing opportunity to tour around the world for years. With many long days and nights on the road, a coffee stop was a must... wherever we could get it. One of the more recent tours my band did through Central America sparked more than a mere appreciation for a good caffeine buzz. Tasting and educating myself about coffee from various regions throughout my travels was an eye opener and where the passion started.

That passion traveled back home with me and sparked the idea of what soon would be Sail Away Coffee. I had fallen in love with cold brew, so I spent months developing a blend that I was proud of and hit the flavor notes I was looking for. Once I knew I had it I hit the ground running, assembled a great team, and started building the brand from local farmer's markets to concert arenas. The rest is history.

Anchored on its slogan "Stay Buzzed", Sail Away pairs its free-spirited approach to flavor with a well-traveled palate.  


Christopher Vetter